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Zoey 101

Zoey 101´´ je seriál o pubertálních teenagerech a hlavní představitelkou tohoto seriálu je Zoey (Jamie Lynn Speras - sestra popové zpěvačky Britney Spears) a její dvě kámošky Nicole (Alexa Nikolas) a Lola (Victoria Justice). Také k holkám patří kámoš Chase (Sean Flynn). A mají také svého protivníka Logana (Matthew Underwood). V jejich škole se dějí různé věci, různé akce, různé soutěže, ... A všeho se zůčastňují. Samozřejmě v seriálu jde také o lásku, nenávist a vtip! Výborný výkon v tomto seriálu předvedla Jamie Lynn Spears!

Photos hlavních rolí:

Jamie Lynn Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears

- hlavní role - Zoey

Alexa Nikolas

- kámoška Zoey - Nicole

Victoria Justice

19.6.06 20:17

19.6.06 20:10

The 16 and 15 year old sisters Ginger and Brigitte are doing their best to stay outsiders. The typical stupid foolin' around cheerleaders attracting testosterone-regulated boys are really turning them off. "Out by sixteen or dead in this scene - together forever" is their morbid pact - because what classmates or their own mother consider as "becoming a woman" seems to be the same as getting dumber due to hormonal alterations. So the wicked girls prefer to fake and imitate 1001 arts of dying for their school project, including decapitations and lawnmower-splattered bodies. But nothing can stop the disaster that is about to happen... While walking through the forest at night a petrifying beast, allured as Ginger is on the rag, attacks her. Since then, infected with the obsession for meat, Brigitte's sister turns more and more into a Vamp that picks up boys at daytime and eats the dogs of their hated classmates in the night. Ginger's escalating thirst for blood begins to get out of control and even her innocent sister Brigitte isn't able to stop her...

Thoroughly humorous yet deadly serious in tone, this character driven werewolf horror takes a dazzling new approach to Neil Jordan‘s menstruation anxiety of THE COMPANY OF WOLVES. Blood is running, but not from the imagined source the advice on puberty volunteering adults believe. To intensify the tension and gore to its utmost crescendo, even the supporting characters were drawn far more strikingly than we have been made used to in the genre. Above all Mimi Rogers delivers a hilariously unsuspecting, yet zealously protective mother.
7.6.06 15:27

7.6.06 15:24

19.5.06 22:18

19.5.06 22:11

19.5.06 21:59

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